1019 Golden Star Awards


The Golden Star Awards are discontinued but the good news is we’re about to relaunch the Transdev internal awards program. So please hold on to your nomination as further information will be released shortly.

Award Categories

Transdev Values - Safety

Safety Hero

Nominees for the Safety Hero award will perform a significant brave act(s) to protect, save or reduce the impact of a situation or event on our customers, services, colleagues and/or clients.

Eg. A Deckhand or customer service officer who performs CPR on a passenger who has had a heart attack

Transdev Values - Commitment


Nominees for the Commitment award will be highly dedicated to the giving back to the wider community in which we operate.

Eg. A scheduler or bus driver who works hard to improve services for a local bus route e.g. School service

Transdev values - Partnership


Nominees for the Partnership award will deliver effective and profitable relationships with our stakeholders including government, internal and external customers, community and contractors.

Eg. A communications coordinator who works with the client and local community to develop a Safety Campaign designed to help assist elderly passengers.

Transdev Values - Passion


Nominees for the Passion award will display a strong connection to our people and are always looking at ways to increase employee engagement and promote Transdev’s culture.

Eg. An area manager or office assistant that goes above and beyond to promote what it means to work at Transdev by creating a caring culture for their colleagues (e.g. Organises morning teas for birthdays, cultural days)

Transdev Values - Performance

Performance and Customer Service - NEW

Nominees will demonstrate a strong work ethic and that goes above and beyond what is expected of them, with a focus on meeting and improving organisational KPIs or showing exemplary dedication to our customers.

Eg. An operations employee who perseveres and ensures our services meet on-time running targets during a week of major planned disruptions across the network; or a bus driver that notices a young school child that may be lost or unfamiliar with the network and ensures the child’s safety by contacting the school or parent.

Transdev Values - Innovation

Journey Maker Way (Innovation) - NEW

Nominees will embody the Journey Maker Way and play an active role in transforming our business by creating better ways to get things done. The innovative solution could utilise technology or non-technical skills and expertise, such as designing/developing a new process, procedure, tool or system.

Eg. A mechanic that develops a new tool to look at the underside of a bus in a safer manner; or an IT Specialist that develops a custom built program to improve business efficiency.


CEO Award

Introduced in 2016, Transdev Australasia’s CEO will also choose a winner from any one of the categories, who is judged to best demonstrate a genuine passion for the success of Transdev.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?

All Transdev employees are able to participate in the Golden Star program and nominate a colleague for a Golden Star award. Employees can be nominated by a colleague, Supervisor, Manager, General Manager or a Managing Director. We encourage you all to nominate a colleague who you believe deserves to be acknowledged for the work that they do that goes above and beyond the day to day and makes working at Transdev special.

How do I nominate?

The best way to nominate is online, the nomination form can be accessed at: www.transdev.com.au/golden-star-awards

Due to the high volume of nominations that we receive each year, and to ensure that all nominations are tracked and accounted for we encourage you to use the online platform to nominate.

The online version is easy to use and you will be asked to fill in few standard questions about yourself, the person you are nominating and why you are nominating them.

The new form looks different?

This year, we are keen to really understand the reason why you are nominating your colleagues. Some things that you will notice:

- More categories to nominate from!

We have increased the number of categories and provided further information to help you identify which category you should nominate your colleague for.

- More emphasis to understand the nature of the nomination

We know everyone does their best and a great job but we are looking to understand why you think someone deserves a Golden Star. We are asking you to take the time and tell us in more detail why you are nominating someone for an award. The more information you are able to provide the higher the chance of your colleagues winning one of the nine Golden Star award categories at the end of the year.

- We’ve added some additional questions to ensure nominations are coming from a Transdev employee.

A nomination that is considered part of a group will mean that they are treated as equal contributors towards something. For example, four bus drivers who create a safety initiative at their depot that targets driver well being. Should a group be chosen as a collective winner of one of the nine Golden Star categories, the $1000 travel prize will divided equally amongst these members.

Can I nominate myself?

No. Transdev’s Golden Star awards is about celebrating your fellow colleagues so we encourage you to nominate someone else and who knows, they might just return the favour if you’re also a Golden Star!

Will my manager see my nomination?

As part of the approval process, the Communications representative in your business may get in touch with the manager of the person you are nominating to verify the person works with us and approve its legitimacy. They may also get in touch with you directly using the contact details you provided in case they are unable to identify who you have nominated (e.g. a common name like John Smith can make it harder for the Communications representative to award the right John!).

How does the selection committee choose the winners?

Once nominations close for the 2019 Golden Star awards, all nominations are collated and organised into their relevant categories and businesses. From there a shortlist of nominations is chosen at Transdev HQ in Melbourne and put forward to the Golden Star judging panel who together select the shortlist of nominations and ultimately the winner of each category The judging panel is made up of Transdev Australasia’s Executive team who spend half a day reviewing the applications, discussing and debating the final winners. 

Who makes the shortlist?

The shortlist is made up of a wide mix of nominations of all levels and departments areas of employees from across our businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The shortlist is communicated to employees in the lead up to the Golden Star ceremony at the end of the year.

Who is on the Golden Star judging panel?

  • CEO
  • Chief People & Culture, Health & Safety Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Legal & Commercial Officer
  • Chief Business Development Officer
  • Chief Bus Operations Officer
  • Chief Light Rail Operations Officer
  • Chief Ferry & Rail Operations Officer
  • Communications Manager
  • Two members from the local business unit Communications teams

What will I win?

  • If you are a winner of one of the seven Golden Star categories, you will win a $1,500* travel voucher as well as flights and one night’s accommodation in Melbourne, including an award presentation and lunch with Transdev’s Executive team.
  • Winners will also be given the opportunity for a 1:1 personal coaching session with a leading performance coach.

*Please note that in the case of a joint nomination the travel voucher will be divided equally between the winners.

Can I upload attachments?

Yes. As part of Transdev’s new Golden Star online nomination form, we’ve added in the upload/attachment feature where you are able to upload images, incident reports and other documents that might be necessary to support your nomination.
Please do not use this upload/attachment feature to upload a customised version of the nomination form. To ensure that all nominations are treated equally, the official online form is the only type of nomination form that will be accepted into nomination into the Golden Star program.

Can I nominate a team for something?

Yes. If you are nominating more than one employee for something that a pair or group has done, you are able to list all of their names on the one nomination form.


Look out for the official Golden Star posters in your workplace or download them now: